From Burnout to New Life Skills

Teacher in the Storm – Taming Professional Burnout

The special day with Polanglo will be devoted to examining  the reasons for professional burnout. You will also find out whether you are prone to this unhealthy condition. But what is more important, together with the trainer,  you will build up your resilience and create your personal toolkit to protect yourself and those who are important for you.

The teacher as a life skills coach – the employer’s perspective

We hear a lot about key competencies, but are they only a ministry requirement or is there much more to the subject? Do Oxford University Press publications support true life skills? It is time to confront expectations with real life at companies and corporations. Learn from a corporate trainer what is needed for your students  to function well in an international environment. Pick up top skills for assertiveness, mediation and negotiation to be applied both in class and at work.